Mk3 Highline sat nav computer, latest type, working **SOLD** by Bolin


Mk3 Highline satellite navigation computer - latest type, fully working

YIB000260 - with latest type software issued by MGR (HW:1.2, SW:4.20, shown in service mode respectively as 12 & 42)

This is the final type of Highline sat nav computer produced by MG Rover (as far as I know - I have not found any later than this), and so has the final software that was issued at the end of production in 2005. There were at least three software releases for YIB000260, which is the second part number issued for Mk3 computers, and this appears to be the final one - so if you want to stick with with Genuine MGR parts in your 75 or ZT, this computer is the most recent type and has the most advanced software.

This will fit all 75 and ZT models with Highline satellite navigation - models that would originally had a Mk2 computer will need the GPS aerial connector removed from the GPS receiver and plugged into the Mk3 computer, and the GPS receiver main connector removed and taped up to the loom. This is very easy to do.

The Mk3 computer offers improvements over the Mk2 in that it can accept 5 digit postcodes, processes data faster and displays additional street names. TMC (Traffic Management Channel) information displays reliably on Mk3 units, as long as there is good radio reception.

This Mk3 computer was shut down correctly before being removed and shows absolutely no signs of water ingress or corrosion. It has never had any problems reading a map CD.

The security label on the back of the unit is still in place, showing that this unit has never been opened up. There are a few light marks on the front but they are not serious enough to be easily visible in the photograph.

It has guided me to many destinations for a bit over 3 years but I have decided to upgrade to a more modern sat nav hence this is available for sale.




£60 delivered


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