Mini ITX Board &CPU by ceedy

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Going spare a tiny All in one PC Board ..


An EPIA ML6000EAG motherboard Mini-ITX
17cm x 17cm
with Via Eden CPU 667Mhz
Chucks Xp around really well for for such a weeny thing and totally silent..
Chipset Via CLE266 + VT8235M.
1 x DDR 266 Dimm slot up to 1 Gb. found now it will run 3200/2700 ram OK ..( @266)
Integrated AGP graphics cip with MPEG-2.
2 x IDE
Onboard AC97 sound,
10/100 ethernet,
2 x usb, plus onboard header for more .
2 x ps2,
PCI slot
sound out etc.
... Cd with Drivers and manual inc . But only VGA and Audio needed for XP .

£25 delivered to UK ..
Got one for Me , Then one for her, and now a big one for me again, All BLOO! Well saves on the touch up paint, Now Number one son's Spoilt it all by getting a Firefrost 1.8T

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