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I was at a garage today installing a new printer for them, and noticed that they had a nice looking 75 saloon sitting in the yard with the front wheels on moving dollies. Me being me, asked what the score was with it.

Apparently it came in with a leaking water pump, but the customer couldn't afford to have the work done, so the garage bought it. It has since been sitting there and they now want it gone.

It's a 2.0Ltr V6, and the engine is out and needs a water pump and the belts doing. Don't know the mileage. It's a V Reg and the bodywork is in quite good condition (I just had a quick nose around). It's got what looks like smokestone & grey interior (cloth seats).

As I say, they want it gone, and the price..... £250 collected (will need a trailer and be able to take all the bits).

If anybody is interested, drop me a PM and I'll put you in touch with the garage concerned.

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Posted 19 Aug 2013, 17:25 #1