MG ZT+ 1.8t for sale (SOLD) by theredthing

Sadly due to a change in circumstances, I’ve got to reduce my cars and unfortunately this is the one that has to go.Image

It’s a facelifted 2005 on 54 plate car. I’ve had it about a year and love it. Previous owner had it for 7 years I believe.

It’s a silver 1.8t with half black leather and blue alcantara seats. The dials light up blue and the ambient lights are blue too. The usual wear on the suede but overall fairly good condition.

I used an Autoglym kit to renew the headlights and I think you’ll see from the photos just how well it works.

Currently fitted with an aftermarket stereo but I’ll be putting back the factory one.
However, the code for it didn’t come in the documentation from the previous owner so a code will need to be sourced. CD multichanger is mounted in the boot still too.

MOT’d until 20th February 2019. 2 advisories - exhaust & engine mount.
The exhaust leak has been done by fitting a stainless back box but the lower engine mount will need replacing at some point. Only £30 on eBay but haven’t had chance to order one yet!

Alloys are in great condition. There’s no rust on the car. All in all a great car but I’ve got 3 others that all serve a purpose but sadly this ones just an extra!!

According to the paperwork, the head gasket was replaced at 30k and refaced at the same time.

New clutch & slave cylinder at 53k.

The only things to note are that it loses a little water and is slightly lumpy at startup for 20secs but reading the forums that seems to be the inlet manifold gasket, I’ve got one but not fitted it yet. It also uses a bit of oil.


I’ll put some more pics up tomorrow hopefully, when it’s daylight!

Oh, mileage is only 74k.
I’m after around £950 for it. Easily worth £1200+ but needs those couple of things sorting to be perfect.

I’ll miss it but it needs to go.

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