Metallic ticking / knocking noise any help gratefully receiv by PaulT

Chaps, my car has just developed a large knocking noise at tickover. Seemed to start a couple of days ago with just a slight ticking at tickover. Increase the revs and the frequency increases but gets quieter and then cannot be heard as the revs increase more. Car drives normally. The sound seems to be coming from the end of the engine where the steering pump, alternator etc is.

Tried with the ear to a long screwdriver but cannot isolate the noise. Any thoughts.

Am currently in SW France so if I need anything it will be a case of ordering it from Rimmers (one day delivery to France) and fixing it before our return to the UK on 14 August - in fact would be nice to fix it before Sunday, wifes birthday and I am supposed to be taking her to an Indian restaurant 30 miles away and difficult from a very rural area with no wheels..

Just pulled the wheel liner out and still the noise seems to come from that area but what? The crank pulley seems tight but what is inside it?

Clutch for the a/c is disengaged - can turn the inner part of the pulley without the outer going round but will take the tension off of the belt to make sure

Any thoughts gratefully received.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 23 Jul 2015, 06:21 #1