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Hi, thanks for the info chaps... Although I did think this was the case. Rover owners in and around this area are not, or seem reluctant to attend or organise GTG's, or even be members of clubs/organisations. I found it the same when I had Mercs and was a member of MBClub, (still am) I was just about the only one from around here that attended, but luckily one of the main venuse was in Horndean, just down the road which was handy for It was actually held at a Merc Specialist Garage and was well attended by members from far afield. I suppose they were a bit like your 'Nano-Meets' with servicing, wheel refurbs etc!

Anyway, thanks again.

NB. Here is a link to some photos I took at one of the GTG's. Mine is the Black 300E24V Reg: G599 *** ... directlink
Regards, Bill


Posted 27 Jun 2012, 20:05 #21 

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That looks like a Nano meet to me. :) Some choice motors there.

Posted 27 Jun 2012, 20:40 #22 

I really wish there were nano-style meets in the south - i.e. ripping cars apart and doing practical stuff.

I've only been to one meet with my Rover, at the Frog and Wicket, had a great time chatting for ages but would like a practical side to meets too (not really possible at a pub I think).

I don't really have the knowledge/experience to be able to organise such a meet (every job I do on my car is a new adventure!) nor do I have a large field at my disposal :lol: Would be nice though, as Bill says.

Posted 28 Jun 2012, 22:25 #23 

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Depends on the pub. The weekend Nanos in Wolverhampton take place at the four ashes pub.

Posted 29 Jun 2012, 07:47 #24