Matilda My 75 Tourer Failed M.O.T by Gren 24

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Gren 24
Matilda failed her MOT Big time.Went in for a MOT and service and failed.2 rearer coil springs,2 brake discs, brake shoes, brake pads, brake pipe, ns track rod end wheel alignment then all the thing for a service.Not Happy. at lest the garage did it all for me in just over a day.
Did not have time to do any of the work myself or ask for help. Really need the 75 at the moment. A vary long story but to cut it sort my Mum was in hospital and ready to go home in the next few day.I get a phone call about 8.30am saying Mum has had a fall and bumped her head.Then another phone call telling me they where taking Mum to an other Hospital and to make my way there as soon as possible.Mum died the following day.This was on the 23 March 2011.Just found out that Mum died of a broken Neck.Now they will not let us go ahead to Bury Mum.It is all being looked into.
So at lest I have Matilda back to run around it to get the things sorted that I can get on with.So at the moment not the forum much.
Thinks can only get better I hope!!!!.

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Sorry to hear the bad news. I'm sure it's a difficult time.

If there's anything I can do, give me a shout and I'll see what we can arrange.

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A tragedy Les, my condolences to you and your family.

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Very sad, may I also offer you and your family my condolences.

MOTs can often reveal faults you didn't know about, springs are very common on most cars at the moment.

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Condolences Les, nothing i could say in words would come close to how you must be feeling ....
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That's a really sad tale, kind of makes the MOT pale into insignificance...................dont know what to to say other than offer my condolences
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