massage seat pad on ebay. by russell brown

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russell brown
Item number: 400170441311
not sure how to do link but would this item on ebay be able to be fitted under neath the leather cover of standard seat. remove leather, then take this item back as far as poss and place between foam and leather. is this possible or waste of time.
be kind of cool to be sitting in teatime traffic whilst getting the massage facility on eh? :confused: :confused:
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Just paste in the item number, select it then click on the ebay tab at the top of the post window. Then click submit

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The base would be relativelr straight forward, don't know about the back though, or how it would effect the poor electric heating on the seats already
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russell brown
initial thoughts would be, this would replace standard heat. a replacement basically, but still at that in the air stage really.
im on hols too much time on my hands thinking of ways to better car. i know im sad....
i asked nothing of no one and guess what...

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