Many bits from manual 03 Silver ZT CDT available by Mas

Lo all, my Saloon has been condemned though I have my lovely CDT Tourer so I'm not leaving the fold.

Before she goes to car heaven I will be taking a few bits from her in an attempt to get 'some' of my money back. Currently I have taken the injectors (she ran like a dream) fuel pumps(sold) and a few sensors etc. Most parts available except the alternator/drivers seat/front bumper as these were all poor.

I would never sell anything I didn't believe was in good order and am not too keen on E-Bay. I would prefer to deal with the community where possible.


Posted 05 Feb 2014, 13:02 #1 

Presume it has twin horns - would be interested in the wiring loom for these.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Replied by e mail


Posted 05 Feb 2014, 14:44 #3 

Any chance of the front screen scuttle clips? the ones that 'ping' when checking the plenum for water :)
Also the second horn to go with the one fitted to my facelift?
Then there's the water pump for my FBH (Fuel burning heater.)?

Posted 24 Feb 2014, 14:38 #4 

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What part of the world are you in? I just need some random bits (a door card if in good condition, door latch, jacking pads, boot carpet board) but probably not worth it if you are miles away.

Posted 15 Mar 2014, 22:05 #5 

I know the topic is well dead , just wanted to say having a scrap car o/s my house wasn't too appealing so i didnt sell much before sending her to car heaven. In my defence most of what I did keep I have given away after selling the bits mentioned above. Mas

Posted 03 Jun 2014, 18:55 #6