maf sensor by vsoe2

Hi what is the latest situation on maf sensors I have seen some on e bay mine is showing signs of going out of spec 93000 low power under 2000 revs can you still buy the units from rover ron as the web sites do not link in anymore engine m47 diesel all the info seem to be about two years ago so how do we stand in 2014 is there a direct replacement that works or some other way around this have read all the web sites on this so need latest info any help please cheers steve g

Posted 22 Jul 2014, 15:45 #1 

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There seems to be a growing volume of anecdotal evidence to suggest that a MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) sensor is not required.

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So if I unplug it will the mpg go down also engine management light will come on after a while how to get round it with a replacement maf if possible cheers

Posted 23 Jul 2014, 12:24 #3