lowline sat nav dashboard lcd display faulty by davem

hi i have a lowline sat nav fitted and it works well for its age however the lcd display on the instrument panel inbetween the speedo and the rev counter that displays teh directions has missing lines and i believe this is a common fault

does anyone know if i buy a second hand instrument panel and remove the lcd and fit it to my panel will this work and would i need to get a specific lcd ie; from a 75 with a lowline sat nav or would any lcd panel fit

many thanks

Posted 18 Nov 2014, 16:43 #1 

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It's not a simple job to replace the LCD as its a soldered on ribbon cable. They are the same with or without low line satnav, but not all packs have the LCD so you need a hi line one. I believe there are some good deals on brand new ones around which make it not worth getting repaired. Hopefully someone will give you a link.

Posted 18 Nov 2014, 17:32 #2