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Maybe a silly question?

I got a Tourer and a ZT-T.

In the Tourer there's also a parking aid speaker near the steering wheel, sound seems to come behind from the cabin temperature sensor.(i have a LHdrive )

In the ZT-T there's no front parking aid speaker, no sound.

So : Did MGRover different parking aid types or is the Mg one just faulty and if so is it the same type of speaker than in the boot and where it is fixed in the front ?

Many thanks in advance for your qualified answers.

Cheers Mintman

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IIRC later models just used the IPK (Instrument pack (IPK from the German)) for the sound.

I have a 75 saloon and it is located under the parcel shelf, on the passenger side (RHD car).

Not sure where it is on the Tourers/ZT-T's but am sure someone will be along who does.
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I've got a 2001 75 Tourer and the sound comes from the rear and is not very loud

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It's a bit confusing really.

Some cars have a speaker in the rear: saloons under the parcel shelf trim, tourers in the right hand side just by the park control ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Later cars they got rid of the speaker, and use the speaker in the instrument pack, that's why it sounds like it's in the dash.

I think the instrument pack needs to be coded (I'm sure I saw the option somewhere on my T1) to say it acts as the PDC speaker, and obviously the wiring has to go to it, instead of the speaker.

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I just searched around:

Apparently there's also a sounder(speaker) in the instrument pannel.Can anyone confirm that?

My tourer sounds in the boot (speaker fixed on satnav computer bracket) & In front

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I looked in the parcel shelf hoping to find a plug for the lil speaker I bought, But found nothing.. :(

On connecting everything up it worked OK though, seems it has a built in speaker somewhere in the dash. :confused:

Just another 75 build inconsistency I guess.. :confused:

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As said on many cars there is no separate speaker it uses the IPK.

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Thanks all for your prompt and effective answers.

I'm looking through now :clap: :clap:

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i just fitted my own and put the speaker under the side window glass in the back under the trim

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