Loud buzzing from egr area! by Starman

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Hello forum. I've Been doin lots of poking around trying to find causes of hisses and rumbles. Rumbles from the power streering pump it seems.

Whilst on my travels I found that the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) vacuum pipe (which I had pulled off and blocked), had perished. I cut it shorter and blocked it off again.

Right so far so good.

But now after a couple of mins on tickover I get a loud buzzing noise from that area. I don't know if the noise was there before. I don't recall it!
It sounds like a childs toy car or robot in which the gears have stopped and the motor is just spinning the drive cog against the rest!
It goes as soon as I blip the throttle them returns after a min or so.

Wondered if anyone knows what it might be and whether it needs attention please.

Many thanks in advance guys/gals.
Kind regards, Steve.

Posted 18 Jun 2010, 11:14 #1 

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I wonder if it could be the diaphragm in the EGR that's resonating now there's no vacuum connection?

Would it be possible to rig the connection back together briefly to rule that out? Just a shot in the dark but makes sense until you disprove it. :)

Posted 24 Jun 2010, 19:36 #2