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Can anyone tell me if there is a specific locking fuel cap that I can get for my MG ZT CDTi ? This isn't for anti-theft purposes, but more for anti-daydreaming at the garage purposes - in 37 years of motoring, this is the first diesel vehicle I've ever owned, so I thought I would put a locking cap on, keep the key in the glove compartment with a label saying DIESEL on it, to prevent any unfortunate accidents. I bought what I thought was a universal locking cap from Halfords the other day, but it wasn't - they only had a choice of two, and it appears that neither of them were suitable. Of course, just about everything you buy these days is hermetically sealed, so you have to break the packaging to find out that it doesn't fit, but they were very good about giving me a refund.


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This is the first one I came across. There isn't an OEM version only third party.

http://www.toys4cars.co.uk/index.php?ma ... s_id=73709

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Have a read of this and see if you think it'll help.

http://www.stopdieselmisfuelling.co.uk/ ... -filler/38

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Wow ! I thought £15 at halfords was expensive !! I'm sure I can come up with something that says " whoa ! you plonker, don't put petrol in me !!!! ( not literally "says" that, but you never know, I'll give it some thought. Watch out for me on Dragons Den ) or just paint the cap pink.

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Label printer that prints on to 8 or 10mm sticky back plastic strip, Simply type the word diesel and stick it on the flat part of the petrol cap :)


Just printed you 4 out, pm me your address I'll drop them in the post see if its any good, just trim if reqd, peel the back off and stick to a clean surface. :)
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There should be a red and yellow sticker saying DIESEL inside the flap already. Or was this a Project Drive victim, too? :confused:

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No I have that message on mine a MK2 2005 model.

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Thanks all, and thanks Dave, the stickers would be much appreciated. There is a small sticker inside the flap, but it is small, and relies on you looking at the inside of the flap with all your faculties about you when you come to put fuel in, and if i could be sure of having all my faculties about me every morning, I wouldn't be worrying about putting petrol in it.

Thanks again

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Drill a VERY small hole sideways through the existing cap and attach with a thin wire a large plastic label, saying DIESEL, on it.

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