Little Gathering - Lincs (03/01/12) by JakeWilson

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We're having a little bit of a gathering tomorrow, from what has started as us doing one job to Martin's V8. So incase anyone fancied a jaunt to talk cars etc, you're more than welcome to join from around 11am.

Anyone interested, just say on here and I'll PM you our address.



Posted 02 Jan 2012, 16:44 #1 

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That'll be me n the baby Zebs then..:)

Posted 02 Jan 2012, 16:48 #2 

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Zeb wrote:That'll be me n the baby Zebs then..:)

Ace! :-)

Posted 02 Jan 2012, 16:55 #3 

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I would be there, if I wasn't at work. 11am is around lunchtime for me but yours and back in around 30 minutes could be pushing it a bit!!

Posted 02 Jan 2012, 19:22 #4 

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(Site Admin)
I would have liked to accept your invitation only the Flu got here first. :( Have a good day and regards to all.

Posted 02 Jan 2012, 22:08 #5 

Would have liked to have been there and met up with my fellow Lincs members but unfortunately, back to the grindstone to earn a crust - well until 14th April

Have a good day

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 03 Jan 2012, 08:34 #6 

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I would also have been there, but Gill is still on leave and thus we have the next two days already sorted (I think we're supposed to be going to my bro's today - must check!!)

If it had been Thursday or Friday..... :(

(having said that, the weather here is grim this morning, so I'm guessing it's not much better 10 miles up the road! Hope it's not too bad for you all!)

Posted 03 Jan 2012, 10:15 #7 

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We had a nice swim over...:D and rainbows going home....Nice to see everybody!

Posted 03 Jan 2012, 23:36 #8 

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oops only just saw this .hope it went well

Posted 08 Jan 2012, 18:12 #9