Lincolnshire/Norfolk Meets 2014 by MrDoodles

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Following on from my Thread about the 1st Meeting this year, I've made an executive decision and have decided on the following dates for this years Meets. ;)

I'm going for the last Saturday of the month and a bi-monthly Meeting, so the dates I've chosen will be as follows;

April 26th

June 28th

August 30th


October 25th

I'm sure that the dates won't suit everyone and no doubt they'll clash with some Meeting elsewhere in the Country, but I'd like this to become a popular Meet and depending on support, may even go with a Monthly Meet next year! ;)

I'm going to stick with the Quality Hotel at Kings Lynn for now, which I realise won't suit everyone, but as I'm covering two massive Counties, this is as close to the middle of both as I can get! ;) ... Kings-Lynn

Now if anyone has any better suggestions, please feel free to PM me! :)

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