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russell brown
decided to give interior a good valet today before returning to work, and found some leds in boot of my last car im stripping, mint omega!
i have fitted front and rear footwell lights using the transparent strips found in abundance on ebay. i basically cable tied strips to front and rear frame underneath seats connected with speaker wire to a post. earth was body and live pink/white and viola every time you press remote or open doors they fadeon very smart and fade of same as interior style, very smart.
i also had an orange strip, black very thin self adhesive style, which is connected to underside of walnut eyebrow above stereo and gives great alternative to ambient light found in audis and mentioned here.
prise strip away under eyebrow undo two screws remove eyebrow remove two screws attaching radio and pull top forward to remove radio. earth is body and connect live to green and white to have light come on with ignition.
really does create nice un distracting ambient glow.
then to finish of used same led as above but white and stuck it to underside of number plate light because they keep blopwing. this looks really cool, light reflects of recess edge around number plate and looks really modern.
hope that inspires some of you.
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