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After my install of the "New" rear lights from Sean (RadioGuy) I have also replaced all the other bulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode), costing me near on £220.00 for the NO Error Canbus bulbs (Yes I know I am mad)

I have spoken to Sean and he has now been able to source the same bulb that I have fitted at a much cheaper price!!!

I know there was another member that looked at getting some, but they worked out at the same prices as eBay.

Between Sean and me with have now come up with a package in a kit form.

6 x 40 LED (for reversing light, fog light and brake lights)
2 x 16 LED (for rear side lights)
5 x 501 (for interior lights (no canbus needed on this one) in white or blue
2 x 501 (for front side lights 80 lumins (brighter ones)
4 x 40 led Orange (for the indicators)
2 x (Number Plate lights 39mm LED)


Sean was thinking about doing these, but due to the carriage for just one set the cost would go through the roof, so I was thinking if I get generate enough interest, I could get a bulk delivery to me and I could send them out to the members.

The rough sort of figure on these will be "around" £99, I say around as we are waiting for final figures to come through.

I just wanted to see what the sort of reaction is.

Please could you let me know know what your thoughts are and if anyone is interested.

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Following the interest shown, I have been chatting to Sean and he has managed to secure a slightly better price from another suppler.

Both he and I have come up with a slightly different option.

6 X 40 LED (Brake Light, Reversing Light and Fog light
2 X 16 LED (Orange for the Rear indicators)

And the rest of the LED's (Rear Side Lights, Front Side Lights, Interior Lights and Front Indicators


Both packages will incur the delivery charge (Sent Recorded 1st Class Post) £3.50 to any U.K mainland address

What do you think on the one now?

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Front side lights, interior bulbs and number plate bulbs are the only ones that would really change the look of the car, so I would put them in one package and forget about the others. I don't think most people would be willing to spend what is after all quite a lot of money changing bulbs for LEDs that look no different to the original bulbs! Just my 2p worth.

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Hi Steve,

It not only about changing the look of the cars, it's also about maintenance of the bulbs, they "should" last the life of the cars, I originally changed all mine over due to the fact that in one month I had to change both my brake light bulbs and one of the indicator bulbs, and there is quite a bit of difference in the colour of the LED's

I was have been looking for the post on the "other" forum with a picture of the car showing the standard reversing light and the LED one, as you can see there is quite a bit of difference in the left (Standard bulb) and the right one (LED) so these lamps are not just for looks, they are brighter and more intense than the standard ones.

Picture borrowed from mantianak

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Okay we have finally get revised prices, following the email from Carl, which he kindly sent me, we should be using the 16 LED lamps as they have a higher output in terms of brightness

SO here goes.

Complete set
£79.99 Plus £4.50 P&P

Rear Set only
£49.99 Plus £4.00 P&P

Others Excluding Rears
£29.99 Plus £3.50 P&P

Payment will be made directly to Sean via PayPal his payment address is sales@autogpsdvds.com

Delivery to me should be approx 2 week and then I will send them out recorded 1st class post

I have tested these in my light unit and they all fit with no problem.

As soon as we get you orders on the system Sean will get them ordered up.

Pleas state in your payment which set you will want and the delivery address.

Posted 06 Aug 2010, 18:07 #5 

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It's the number plate lamps that I would like to replace with LEDs on both cars. Just noticed tonight that one is out again. That will make 6 this year so far, I think. :x
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Posted 06 Aug 2010, 18:52 #6 

Sean has just gave me the tracking number on the LED bulbs



And soon to be on http://www.parcelforce.com/portal/pw

As soon as they arrive they will be dispatch to those that have already placed orders with Sean.

Posted 23 Aug 2010, 14:52 #7