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Does anyone have or know of a ride-on mower that may be going cheap?

Don't mind if it needs work,we just need one a bit bigger and with

hydrostatic gears!

We are looking for a cutting width of 40" or Bigger!

Many thanks in advance.

Posted 16 May 2011, 10:35 #1 

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I know of 2 not being used, sat in a dusty shed next to various farm related gubbins ;)

We've got one that has hydrospastic gears, and I think its around 2.5' cut. just needs a new fuel pipe and a feed pipe to the grass box. When it worked it cut well, not got a mulching kit for it though, but it did come with a tow bar!!

Or theres the old one which needs new belts and blades, you could cut grass at 10mph with that!!! 8-) Again not the size cut youre after though.

Failing that there's the 5' pasture topper but then you'd need a proper tractor for that :lol:

On a serious note we are looking at selling the 2 mowers off and getting a reasonable one.

Posted 16 May 2011, 15:24 #2