KV6 Fuel Rail 'O' Rings by fireman

Hi all.
I've just put a thermostat housing into my MG ZT 160 (V6) and whilst refitting the injector rails i have split one of the 'o' rings that sit at the end of the metal pipe that that joins the front bank of the rail to the rear bank.
As far as i know you can only get the seal with the whole injector rail. Besides going to an injector/o ring company does any one have 1 or 2 they would like to sell or know where they can be obtained.


Posted 03 Sep 2010, 18:59 #1 

I think it may be this?


Not exactly sure if this is what you want but Numbers 4,5 and 6 are O-Rings and available seperatley

or is the bit you are talking about the pipe thats inbetween them?

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