Keys - Part Numbers by Mad-Monkey

Does anyone know if there are any part numbers for the keys on EPC? If so, could someone post them up for me?

I don't have anything to run EPC at the moment :(


Posted 25 Jul 2011, 09:56 #1 

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CWD000060 for 433Mhz ( UK /Europe)

Posted 25 Jul 2011, 12:26 #2 

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Thanks Stu,
JDC is away at the moment, otherwise we would have got the info from him. :)

Posted 25 Jul 2011, 12:35 #3 

Thanks. Is there just the one then? Are all the bits and pieces on eBay copies then? You can buy the Blade, plastic housing, and both together for various prices. These are without transponder and pcb so just the shell.

Some sellers are still charging way too much for a used key as well. I could do with a few but even at £5 a pop its pricey, some are charging £30!!

Posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:28 #4