Just to say thank you. by Touchstone

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As above. :hail:

Just fitted the Arctic (Steve) hand break compensator, and what a difference it makes.
I now have a fully functioning hand break.
I am now one of the converted. :-D

I did a little research when fitting, and came to the conclusion that it's not just the fact that the compensator stretches, it does, but I think that when you apply the break it does not pull evenly, that is it applies one wheel before the other.

I found that even before full and final adjustment I could feel both breaks coming on together.

So for anyone that's not done this and has a very poor hand break, I recommend it.

Sorry if I'm teaching to the already converted here.

I just had to say THANK YOU STEVE. :cheers: I ow you one.

Igorth thtitch you up.

Posted 09 Nov 2011, 16:22 #1