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What a star! Saved me the cost of a new fan on my 1999 CDT by fitting his resistor mod - and then allowed me to spend most of the saving on a new fuel pump! Well the car has done 135k so it was on borrowed time. He also fitted a new O Ring to my big tube thingy and changed the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve) filter - which hadn't been changed in 11 years...Flushed me plenums, my sticky water bottle and secured a number of errant pipes.

Fans and fuel pumps are his specialty but he does all the servicing bits and more. He can whip a front end off in 20 minutes - probably blindfolded I reckon. North Wales might be a long way for some - but if you want someone who knows 75s and ZTs (he and his partner have 3 themselves) and will look beyond the immediate job in hand, Jules is the man. Very impressed.

(He also finds 75s worth rescuing and then rescues them!)


Fan spin20.jpg

And look how he got my shut lines sorted - better than new IMO - not bad for an 11 yr old car.


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Posted 21 Aug 2010, 22:18 #1 

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Good is he not? :D

I will email you tomorrow Rob...glad you had a positive experience in Wales.. :)

Posted 21 Aug 2010, 22:22 #2 

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I made some nice remarks re Jules on this topic on tother site, better not repeat them here or he will start to worry eh.. ;) :lol:

Posted 22 Aug 2010, 00:57 #3