Judgement day tomorrow by JakeWilson

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Tomorrow we'll find out whether or not the University will go ahead with it's proposals to reduce the Modern Languages Department at Swansea by over 50%.

We found out last week that the VC was going ahead with presenting his plans to the University Council, who will decide whether to enact it or not. Irony of ironies that on the same day, the Welsh assembly announced that they wanted to promote and improve competency in a foreign lanaguge nationally.

A bit more about the proposed cuts here: http://modernlanguagesatswansea.wordpre ... languages/

The VC has announced that he will see students tomorrow to explain his reasoning and decision behind the cuts, I can but assume that this is only a PR stunt.

Fingers crossed the UC throws them out!


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We are all waiting with bated breath, did follow some of it on the Welsh news last night.

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Sorry for the lack of update!

I didn't realise that we'd made the news a second time. I know the nation was potentially exposed to my ugly mutt last year, thankfully not again!

The University Council were in till about 18:30. They gave the VC a grilling as his report was contradictory, full of false facts and figures etc. They also got a grilling as the Senior Management Council had banned all talk at University Senate, or any public functions.

Basically they told the VC that it had all been done very poorly and very very wrongly! So told them to go away, actually consult the department then draw up new plans. The UC did accept three points however, one of which was staff reduction levels :cry: However any reductions would have to take place if staff voluntarily took redundancy or retired...

which I don't think any of them will do :D

So in short, not 100% what we wanted, but not the worse news going either.


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