Item For Sale at Clumber Park - Sunday by stubie

1 new set of OE sandstone mats - £30 Provisionally SOLD

1 sandstone leather beige Headrest - can be either drivers or passsenger side- £15

1 pair of 2.5 Litre torpedo door badges £15

1 chrome front grill in good condition with R75 badge- £25 SOLD

5 off Smokestone Grey leather dye 30 ml bottle- £8.50 per bottle

1 off Ash Grey Black) leather dye- £8.50 per bottle

1 Rover branded warning triangle - not boot mount £5 Proviionally SOLD

1 Black leather interior with memory seats £140

1 Symphony head unit - needs code £15

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If I could have the triangle please Stuart as my LJW has a Mount but no triangle :lol: Anyway if someone could pick it up for me and I collect it from the Nano Meet in October?
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Hi Stubie.. I would like the chrome grill please..

I will be at the picnic on Sunday around midday if that's OK.. Taa, James...

Cofirmation PM sent....

PS. I also need a set of front "clip down" floor mats but-- Being colour blind I don't know what colour mine are.. But But-- if you still have yours on Sunday I will be able to tell if they are the same if we place them side by side.. :) And hopefully, unless you are colour blind too, you could tell me anyway eh? :lol:

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OK James I'll keep the grill for you. there are two main colours of Rover mats either Dark Grey or sandstone beige.

These are the one I have ... _500wt_928


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Thank you Stubie.. Erm the pics no help to :confused: :lol:

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You remind me of playing my Dad at snooker.

"Are you sure you want to pot the Green before a Red Dad?"

He has real difficulties with browns, greens and reds.
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Worst situation in a snooker match for me was when only the colours were left, playing safe on the green was very awkward as when against the cushion at the far end it was almost invisible to me!! All I can see is the break in the wooden rail line and the reflections off the lights.. :em:

If the brown got in among the reds I had to have it pointed out to me by the ref.. Funniest thing I did in a league match, was when having sorted out where the brown actually was, I then cued that and potted the white with it!! :panic: :roll: :lol:

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