It's good to see 'Enterprise' is alive ... by Chartermark

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Chartermark ... SS:GB:1123

Amazing, the last one went for £70, why when you can buy a 'Freelander' alternative for £25, and adapt it quite easily?

Buy it now at £100, well as an existentialist and a free marketeer, why not, but surely a good example of exponential opportunism?

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Enterprise? I think another description might be in order Martin :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Not a trader elsewhere is he? :D

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raistlin wrote:Enterprise? I think another description might be in order Martin :lol:

I thought I'd better be careful, in a world where having an opinion seems to be outlawed - robbing -------d was my first thought Paul.

Anyway this amazing opportunity has ended early as someone could'nt resist losing the bargain at £100.

I suppose anythings worth what someone will pay for it, but with just a bit of research, the Freelander version at a quarter of this outlay is in my opinion just as good.

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The freelander ones are around £40 these days, Rimmer has none and states no longer available. Plus there always the risk of splitting it when removing the inards as I have done on one ocassion.


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Chartermark ... 4842f70d68

This is the one I fitted following the 'how to' on the 75 club. It was quite easy, even for me.

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when you said Enterprise i thought it was about trek........disappointed now

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aaaahhh The beauty of Ebay.

We were trying to find a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar for my Son, Lego is again the "Hot thing" and sell out very quickly in most shops, mostly due to poor sales estimates from Lego themselves (much in the same way as Nintendo botched a few years ago)

Ebay - Prices ranged from £50 - £100 --- The RRP was £26. Even places like, who brag about being cheap had doubled the prices, selling them at £54 - Greed is everywhere and as long as someone is desperate enough, or in too much of a rush to wait, then people will get silly cash for cheap stuff.

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The value of something is what the seller is willing to sell it for and the buyer is willing to pay. When they agree then that is the value.

When something is no longer available then the value can increase.

Antiques and 'classic' cars can sell for many many many times their original price, even taking in to account inflation.

More fool buyers who do not check when purchasing on the likes of eBay as to what something can be obtained elsewhere is.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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