is my cdt breaking down(1st time ever) by mark d3

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mark d3
something strange just happened with the cdt
its not been started all week,gets in starts her up go,s to pull away spluttering lots of white smoke,like its not running on all cylinders,cuts out,re starts instantly rev the engine it clears runs as normal? first time its ever done this,whats the thoughts on this one? it was low on diesel,i have since filled up the problems not re-occured
to save questions
no its not a blocked plenum
i normally hear the intank pump for a while when i start the car it then goes quiet after a while,its lashing down sop i could not hear it anyway
its like a fuel starvation issue pump failing or injector problems

Posted 15 Jun 2012, 19:41 #1 

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Ignore it...paranoia is a terrible thing....

Probably just a bit of crud in an injector....

If it happens again THEN worry... :D

Posted 15 Jun 2012, 21:36 #2