IPOD NANO HEEELP!!!!!! by Martin

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HI I need help Christine had an Ipod thing for Chrimbo and has now deleted all the songs her son downloaded on to it I am now been asked to help reload them but how?
Said son has said he will give us all the how to's but it sounds like it's out of my depth.......Going to a site in Ukraine or some were then putting a fee with them then download your songs on to your PC then move them to the Ipod site and finally download to the thing.........PHEW.
Is there an easier way I have seen a site called Imesh 10 this says it's free but will I be able to down load straight to the Ithingy or can you advise me of a site free or not that I can just get the music from and down load to it thing

HELP :hissyfit: :hissyfit:

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I'll mostly leave this one to those using Ipod via a Windoze PC.
On Apple computers it is simply a matter of opening Itunes, connecting your Ipod and synchronising the two within the Itunes application. Your music files already being present on the computer and made available within Itunes.
Music can be downloaded from various sites, including Itunes store, or imported from your own CD's into the Itunes application.

If you don't already have Itunes, you can download the Windoze version from here:- http://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/download/ Bottom left for Windoze version.

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Same on Windoze just use iTunes.

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I'd concur that iTunes is the best option for organising and syncing music to your iPod. You don't have to buy music from them though - this only one of many options. You can import your CD's into iTunes so they are then saved on your hard drive and then these songs can be loaded to your iPod all through the iTunes application. Really is fairly easy and safer than using third-party programs or websites which you sound unsure about using.

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Ta ipod site now downloaded so next is to creat the account and Bob's your uncle..........hmmmm........I bet it don't go that smoooooooothly for me. :angry:

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