intermittent vibrations at idle by jonjon77

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lets see if l can explain this without being too long winded.l noticed my car vibrates at idle more than it should after sitting in another members tourer.about four weeks ago l switch to using diesel from total after using shell for ages.for two weeks after there was no vibrations,so l thought it was down to the fuel.for the past two weeks the vibrations have been on and off,some days it doesnt other days it does.what l have noticed is when its vibrating and l turn the car off there is a rattle as the engine comes to rest.however,when its not doing it and l turn the car off there is no rattle.through out owning this car there has always been an intermittent clutch judder when setting off(slipping the clutch a bit cures it for a while)worse when in reverse.mileage is 156k.l have a feeling l know whats wrong but l would like other peoples opinions

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I have noticed mine can be occasionally a bit rattly in the cold, have new clutch recently fitted, so shouldn't be the clutch on mine.

On mine I have put it down to the diesel waxing up a bit in these extremely cold conditions and that this inturn was causing the injectors to operate at 100%.

Have heard the injectors being out can make the engine rattly?

Just my 2 penneth Jon.
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an injector had crossed my mind too,along with the crank pulley,but the rattle sounds like its coming from the gearbox area.l think its the dual mass flywheel showing the first signs that it no longer wants to be part of the car.its something l can live with till it ends up as bad as my friends mondeo was


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