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I recently passed my Institute of Advanced Motorists 'Skill for Life' and as a result, I have been offered a 10% discount for friends and family. The course is usually £139, but this offer is for £125. If any member is interested, they can PM me and I will give them the contact phone number and the 'Offer Code'. The offer covers both cars and motorcycles.

The course starts with a 'classroom' type of induction, close to your chosen location. This is followed by as many observed runs as necessary, but usually averaging six, each of around an hours duration and with your dedicated observer. You are given a copy of their driving manual and you may benefit from reduced insurance.

It is not in the least bit intimidating and on my course there were several women, and ages from early 20s to mid 70s (I am 70). The preferred driving technique is taught and bad habits are pointed out, but you can still pass with minor variances.

I am in no way benefiting from the recommendations and am only connected to the IAM by the above and my membership. I had thought about applying over the last 20 years and am pleased I eventually did.


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Thanks for passing on the offer.

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I took the IAM motorcycle course in 1984 as a necessary qualification as a motorcycle trainer and examiner. The centre was in Plymouth and the course was across the moor to Tiverton, Launceston and several other centres of non-population. It lasted a full day and was the most enjoyable time. I had spent three weeks beforehand reading the Roadcraft manual (I think the one the police use) and by the end knew it backwards.

The examiner, a serving copper and thoroughly nice chap, just happened to be the same one who had given me a speeding ticket two weeks before! It was a wonderful day and the lessons I learned then have stayed with me. I would heartily recommend the course to anyone, I believe it saved me from the possibility of grief later in life as obviously, before I took the course, ‘I new it all’. Ha!

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