I wish I had a FBH... by Mad-Monkey

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Now having a diesel (although not a 75 or ZT) I do wish I had a FBH (Fuel burning heater.). The car doesn't get up to temperature until a good long drive, far longer than it takes me to get to work. The heater does start to blow warm air, which is satisfactory by the time I get to work, but its so cold for the first few miles! :mrgreen:

Thankfully I have heated seats, so if nothing else my bum is warm! :mrgreen:

I even tried starting the car before heading out over the weekend and it still took 15-20 minutes to defrost the car, and inside it was mediocre temp wise. The temp needle had hardly moved :gmc:

Damn these efficient engines, anybody would think we're trying to save the planet :confused: :gmc: :panic:

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 08:47 #1 

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If you are only doing short distances in the diesel in this type of weather as well as cold running and using more fuel, you could block off the inside of front grille with cardboard from packing boxes, as this helps to get the car warmer much quicker, but if going on a very long run would think about removing it.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 10:03 #2 

Thanks JDC, I'd end up breaking something, I bet you anything!

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 13:15 #3 

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Do I sense a FBH-fitting project for your Merc David? ;)

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 21:38 #4 

It is very tempting :)

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 22:31 #5 

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Not all diesels run cold, my ZX gets up to temp very quickly and the heater can get so hot the air from the vents makes your eyes water.. :D

Even without it's FBH my 75 used to get plenty warm enough within 2-3 miles locally, it took longer on the Mway but still got nice and warm after 5 mins or so.. :D :thumbsup:

Posted 30 Nov 2010, 00:59 #6