I've seen some daft things in my time but... by raistlin

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... this is probably up there with the worst.

I was driving into Court this morning along the A449 which is a dual-carriageway. 08:30 - so right in the middle of rush hour.

Suddenly the traffic slowed to a crawl and up ahead a few car lengths I saw a fight taking place between the occupants of two cars. Odd thing was, they were still in their respective cars and still driving side by side at 15 to 20 mph, the front passenger of the lane 2 car trading punches with the driver of the lane 1 car.

This entertainment continued for some 3/4 mile until the near-side protagonist decided to turn left into the Science Park.

In my view, some people are just temperamentally unsuited to being in charge of a vehicle :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 02 Dec 2011, 23:36 #1 

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Why The Fight ?

..as if it could be "explained".lol

Posted 03 Dec 2011, 15:32 #2