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Count me in! I'd like a Rover one.

Posted 28 Feb 2012, 20:38 #21 

johnny the fox
Didn’t Rover do these when the car was new? Hasn't any survived so that you could copy them? Any way put me down for a Rover one please:)

Posted 02 Mar 2012, 20:45 #22 

Not much point copying IMO. Just need a blade and suitable head, which I think the two designs work well. I'm just sorting out equipment for making them at the mo, so the next few months might be fruitful! :)

Posted 03 Mar 2012, 11:42 #23 

I would like a Rover one please, having had my dog tread on the lock button when my keys were in the ignition, and my spare set were in my wife's handbag, also in the car!! What a pain in the proverbial!!
Andrew G

Posted 05 Apr 2012, 19:57 #24 

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looks interesting

Posted 06 Apr 2012, 16:43 #25 

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Interested in a Rover one (or maybe 2)

Posted 15 Apr 2012, 16:53 #26 

I'd like a Rover one if this all works out well!

I tried to use a plastic emergency key from a BMW E60 5-series. It came with a transponder the same shape as our cars use.

However, when I tried to get it cut I was told it couldn't be done as it was a different shape and definitely wouldn't work - I measured and the blade had different width and thickness by about 0.1mm! Even if it had been the same, the key had some additional chamfers on the edges so may still have not worked.

Posted 28 Apr 2012, 23:42 #27 

I now have a piece of equipment at work for routing these out as a trial. Probably still going to be a few weeks before I post any results up but I'm getting there :)

Posted 29 Apr 2012, 10:27 #28 

Cool - :-)
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

Posted 29 Apr 2012, 20:13 #29 

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Wooo finally ordered the remaining supplies needed to start prototyping and playing aorund! I don't know how well the Rover one will work out as its a bit to detailed for the size. Some of the cuts are 0.2mm apart! MG one 'should' be straight forward!

Opted for ABS (Antilock Braking System) at the moment for ease, but will try other materials and get willing volunteers for testing!

Just incase you're wondering its ABS plastic not anti lock brakes :roll:

Posted 30 May 2012, 20:57 #30 

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I also finally have a suitable Mustang done ;-)

Posted 30 May 2012, 21:00 #31 

top stuff mate, thanks for sticking with it :-)
Despite the high cost of living its still proving popular.

Posted 02 Jun 2012, 18:40 #32 

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Hello David,

A great idea, I recall having one as original issue with a new 620i back in '96. It saved me once, as I had it 'taped' into a home-made GRP moulded magnetised receptacle under a wing! Bit 'Heath Robinson' but very effective when it was needed. You couldn't do it with an 'electric' key of course. the spray etc would destroy it. I'd like a couple whenever you are able please.


Posted 02 Jun 2012, 19:05 #33 

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Hi David
Great work and top man for sticking to it to try and bring it to futition Arctic.

Posted 03 Jun 2012, 15:35 #34 

Ok, varying materials later I have an MG one in brass! I like this one a lot, it has some weight which makes it feel nice and solid, and it polishes lovely. It is a dream to machine and I think it's my new favourite metal!!


Only the one side done but looking at engraving both sides.

Posted 23 Nov 2012, 12:39 #35 

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That looks really good!

BTW it would make a gorgeous letter opener ...

75ZT Community & Midlands Nano Meets & 75 & ZT Enthusiasts

Posted 23 Nov 2012, 15:18 #36 


Fantastic work Mr Monk! Looks stunning!

Shame I don't own a MG or I would be first to queue up for one!
When Rover ones are ready please let us know. Given the softness of brass are you going to try doing a slightly less detailed Longship? I guess the facelift Longship should be much easier.

Anyway your efforts have come up with the goods here, well done!!

Posted 23 Nov 2012, 22:47 #37 

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(Site Admin)
Looking very good David. :)

Posted 23 Nov 2012, 23:03 #38 

[centre]Just a tease....


I have my proper camera with me today so will take some better photos! If you compare the two keys, the Rover version is engraved a lot lighter to try and retain as much detail as possible. I've deleted some of the detail if you look really close but only 4 pieces ;)

Personally I like it! The facelift version would engrave deeper like the MG version as the detail is low but I still haven't drawn it in yet. I found a copy on the net but I'm OCD about these things and I can put my hand on heart and say I created every square inch of these. I also have the 75 version of the badge to draw in too! :)

This is one sided like the MG at the moment! You've probably also noticed no Keyring hole! Plus there is a few visual tweaks I'd like to try out. They also need to be tested at a lock smith for cutting ability and then actually working on a car lock![/centre]

Posted 29 Nov 2012, 12:20 #39 

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Wow, David, that looks good, too!

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Posted 29 Nov 2012, 13:16 #40