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Last Friday, I was the chairman of a Bench which, at 10:15, sentenced an individual to 3 months imprisonment for a theft in breach of trust.

His advocate launched an immediate appeal, applying for bail pending the appeal and, unusually, my Court was the only court available to hear the application.

We gave it considerable thought but decided to reject the application.

Here's where it gets really odd.

The advocate applied to a Judge in chambers at the Crown Court for bail and it was granted, pending the appeal. That was at 12:50.

The case was, unusually, listed for appeal that same afternoon... in front of an appeal Court consisting of two Magistrates and the same Judge who had granted bail.

By 14:15, the appeal was dismissed and the defendant taken off to begin his custodial sentence.

What a strange set of circumstances :confused:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Very efficient service.... :thumbsup:

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Could do with a bit more fast tracking me thinks.... I'd lock em all up....Poppy
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