how to repair the internal chrome oval trim by mark d3

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mark d3
yes i broke mine thinking they just prise offbut they are easy to fix
first remove the handle from the door note the small black plastic spacer on the clip that holds the wire hook in try not to lose this then get a gaslamp,screw and grips heat the screw up until cherry red warning if you burn yourself or anything else you do so at your own risk,you could also use a soldering iron to play safe once the screw is heated up fit the oval to the handle and melt the chrome pins into the plastic receivers handle fixed the photos will explain better ... tion%3Dvie

Posted 10 Aug 2012, 19:54 #1 

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Tried this only yesterday...problem is that you don't have much plastic to play with and they can fracture again at the join very easily when re-fitting....I ended up using some glue-like putty stuff....that worked! :)

Posted 10 Aug 2012, 20:01 #2 

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A kind passenger pulled one of mine off quite a while ago...... I just used a some d/s trim tape and stuck it back on - worked great and took all of 30 seconds!
Regards, Bill


Posted 11 Aug 2012, 11:53 #3