How thirsty is my ZT ? by rhylbloke

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Filled up the ZT with diesel 2 weeks ago and have done 425 miles since then; a mixture of some motorway driving, a few trips to and from work and some general tootling around the local area. I filled up again yesterday with 44.96 litres, which by my maths makes just about 43mpg on average. That sounds quite good to me (after 5 yrs of getting only around 25 - 30 mpg in the petrol 75)
Is that the sort of mpg I should be expecting ?

Posted 22 May 2011, 13:03 #1 

Welocme to the economical world that is diesel 75s and ZTs

Yep that's what you should get if not even a couple more.

My 75 avarages around 45mpg that includes commuting to work.

Towed a heavy trailer for 1,500 miles a couple of months back and got 30mpg. I thought that was terrible and then thought that is all the petrol guys will get normally :lol: .

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Thanks, that's good then. I could probably easily get a bit more mpg in the future - I suppose I've got a bit of a heavy right foot at the moment, as it's still a bit of a novelty when the turbo kicks in, and I'm in danger of turning into a bit of a boy racer. :roll:
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Thats about normal, for a Manual you should get around 50MPG on a steady run around the 70MPH mark, or even possible to get more at an average of 56MPH.

Autos can be up to 5MPG less, turning off Air Con can give you 2mpg more but I have never noticed that as its never turned off!

In cold weather or local runs you may well use much more fuel as it takes the Diesel some time to warm up to operating temperature.
With an Automatic the fitting of a Synergy box will reduce consumption as gearbox doesn't change down so often.

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