How much? by PaulT

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Needed a new actuator for a motorised valve so visited my local plumbers merchant.

There was a plumber in front of me and he was talking to the storeman about a relay for a boiler. They only had 8 pin ones and some needed an 11 pin relay. The plumber mentioned it had electronic ignition so the storeman informed him that he needed an 11 pin one and they only had 8 pin ones in stock. He looked up his price list which he said might be out of date………

The 8 pin one was £43!!!!!!!

He assumed that the 11 pin one would be about £50.

I thought ‘there is just a little profit in that’. Maplins sell them for about £5.


That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 14 Feb 2011, 15:22 #1