How much for harmony ? by Justme

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I am going to sell my harmony headunit on eBay but want to put a buy it now price along with the bid but don't know how much I should put on it, any ideas ?


Posted 14 Jul 2011, 22:48 #1 

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Hiya. For a Harmony head unit.... £25- £35 is realistic i think. Poppy.
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Posted 16 Jul 2011, 23:19 #2 

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Agree with Poppy, although I have seen them go for £20
Regards, Bill


Posted 16 Jul 2011, 23:24 #3 

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I placed mine on the bay, only reached £13, at the end of the day they are an antiquated piece of equipment, who actually wants a tape player :confused:
I decided to keep mine and place in garage as a spare' it's in Jennifer now, trading up my dd with sean
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Posted 17 Jul 2011, 18:54 #4