How much are Unions worth / Selling at? by carlpenn

(This is NOT an offer to sell just a question before I place the advert in the correct section)
I am looking to sell my Union Wheels and Tow Bar with the Spring assistors in an effort to raise some cash towards an MGf I have seen lol.

However, not quite sure what sort of Prices are good. I was thinking £50 each for the wheels, is that about the going rate? The Wheels are mint and I do mean Mint, there are no scratches or scuffs and no Kerb damage whatsoever. The wheels will look brand new when cleaned (I have cleaned them, just teh heavier deposits left around the rim where its difficult to get to). The inner side of the wheel is clean enough, no rust patches and only marked by heavy Brake dust deposits and the glue / adhesive from where the wheel balance weights have been placed previously.

The tyres are ok, two have plenty tread but the other two are almost down to the limit markers. They are Heavy Load / Duty tyres with Rim protection - I have lost my Tread Depth Gauge so cannot be more accurate than that yet.

I have seen Unions on Ebay at around £50 each and they look battered, so I assume asking £50 would be a good price?

The tow bar, not too sure what to say about that lol, its a tow bar <shrugs> but I will include the Spring assistors too.

Any advice on pricing would be greatly appreciated, again please note I am asking for advice here and not selling them yet. Cheers :)

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Depends on what the tow bar is and I will express an interest - is it for a saloon or tourer, is it the official Rover item and if the latter is it the type on which the ball swings up out of sight, factors that would affect price.

From the description the price of the wheels sound OK to me

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I recently offered my set of 5 (I would consider) scruffy, but straight, Unions to someone who was after a set to fit winter tyres to, for £80 for the set - he didn't provide me with the courtesy of a reply and is still touting around for a set on the club site. So I honestly have no idea what they're worth, mine aren't bad but they all have some mark or other on them.

I know I can weigh them in for £14 each, so I thought £16 each was a bargain to be honest. But I'll probably eand up weighing them in when they're perfectly usable to someone.
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Well, there’s a set on eBay that have just sold for £155. So I’d guess about that sort of figure for an ordinary straight set.
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Posted 29 Dec 2011, 19:38 #4 

Cheers for your responses, PaulT I will pop a Photo of teh Towbar when I get chance, its a bit wet to be crawling around the floor at the moment :p

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