How hard is the ride.... by Bernard

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..on 17 inch rims?
I have just acquired some Serpents at the right price ;) but I'm dubious about fitting them in place of the smaller wheels on at present. I don't really want to lose the comfortable ride.
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Posted 12 Mar 2011, 17:09 #1 

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Hi Bernard,

Not harsh at all on my Starspokes I don't think, nice and smooth in general but I've been told causes 75's to handle better than on 16's?

Zeb's driven mine so would be interesting to get his opinion also.

Hope this helps.


Posted 12 Mar 2011, 17:21 #2 

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If I'm honest I couldn't really tell the difference between the ride with the 15" crowns on LJay and the 17" Serpents I have got on MOA. Others do however say they noticed a big difference, strange one!
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Posted 12 Mar 2011, 17:42 #3 

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I noticed a difference (well the wife did) and resulted in putting the 16" Spoked alloys back on which she noticed straight away.
To me the difference was only marginally harder.

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Posted 12 Mar 2011, 20:00 #4 

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17" wheels go round corners much more nicely....ride hardness? Harder but perfectly liveable... :thumbsup:

Posted 12 Mar 2011, 23:00 #5 

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Mmmm! Conflicting opinions there, but no surprise I suppose. :confused:

Trouble is by the time I've re-furbed them and bought a new set of rubber, it becomes an expensive experiment to find out for myself.

If I want a hard ride then I get into the V8, so it's nice to get the contrasting experience all round.
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Posted 12 Mar 2011, 23:29 #6 

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i'm on 17" but never had any others on also not been in many other 75's ZT's to compare . but to me the ride seems ok on mine :thumbsup:

Posted 13 Mar 2011, 08:14 #7