How does parts pricing work then? by Duncan

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OK, so it's not for the 75 but it's Rover parts from Xpart all the same.

I've found a small plastic panel is missing inside the wing of the 45, on the drivers side. I removed the passenger side one and looked at the part number. Looked up the part, and it's £2.38 including vat. Excellent thinks I. So I look up the mirror image part to fit the drivers side. Just the same size, shape and so on, simply handed. Go on, take a guess.

Check out CLG100231 and CLG100221.

I guess I need to find one in a scrappers, if I ever get time to visit one. AAArgh

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It's the supply and demand that causes most price fluctuations, or if XPart have had to have new tooling made for part as original maker gone!

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I did wonder about that. But why would demand be so much higher for the drivers side one compared to passengers?

Maybe the reason mine is missing is the same as why they are expensive. Perhaps it was involved in a bump? If so, perhaps drivers side front is so much more common that passenger front?

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Certainly when Unipart were the distributors for Rover etc parts it was only when a part was reproduced did the price reflect the latest production cost.

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I think one of the reasons for the price difference is that the offside region of all cars, is subject to more damage. Therefore parts are exhausted more quickly than the nearside.

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