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Just been looking at this site:

and one of the itmes on it reads:


Thursday 27th March 2014

Bomber Command Clasp

It appears that members of 624 and relatives who have applied for the Bomber Command Clasp have been refused - THIS CANNOT BE RIGHT

The reason given is that they did not fly missions from the UK

Barry Savage and Lee Miller have been working on this and have now started an on-line petition please follow the link and help us


And also please let us have your views on this matter and lets see if we can our petition can change this unfair ruling


They were flying secret missions, including dropping supplies to resistance fighters some of which were very difficult - one of the aircraft lost along with the crews crashed in the Pyrenees trying to deliver supplies: ... Itemid=243

So the powers that be seem to be of the opinion that if you did not take off from the UK then your flight was unimportant!

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