How 5 miles can cost £270 in less that 20mins by takestock

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Get in car, start car, put into drive, drive to petrol station, fill up with fuel, drive from petrol station to post office, tax car, drive home, parkup, select park, apply handbrake, exit car, lock car.

£270 .........gone :shock:
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Posted 26 Nov 2010, 19:32 #1 

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Luckily this isn't your daily commute, is it? :D

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Posted 26 Nov 2010, 19:40 #2 

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With that title, thought you'd bought a V8 for a moment Dave.. :D

Posted 26 Nov 2010, 20:42 #3 

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Ah - what you did wrong Dave was drive the car yourself. If you'd let Marina drive it then you'd be at home, warm with a nice cuppa and £270 better off. ;) :D

Posted 26 Nov 2010, 20:47 #4 

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I know the feeling mate, insurance was due today ouch. :shock:

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Posted 26 Nov 2010, 23:28 #5 


I got in the car the other day and had a puncture, one expense I could have done without. Tyre was only 6 weeks old :-(

Posted 27 Nov 2010, 21:04 #6 

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I know what you mean only to well
So far this month 4 new tyres, new rear discs,pads and sensors. MOT is next Tuesday and then I can get it taxed
Cheapest thing I have done this month was the oil change.
Next month Insurance

Posted 27 Nov 2010, 21:18 #7