Homage to an old girl by PaulT

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Well, as in a previous post, we have bought a replacement for our current 75.

Have been zipping over the country looking at low mileage models.

Our one has 215k miles on it, the clutch has been in for 143k miles and is giving no problems whatsoever. If it had been auto then it would have soldiered on. However, Yve will not drive it far because of the weight of the clutch.

Amazingly, the old girl has less rattles, in fact is extremely quite, so much so that in one or two cases the newer lower mileage cars had far more.

She has been absolutely superb (he says with his fingers crossed as she will be in use until April).

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 23 Jan 2012, 14:02 #1 

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Yes, she'd seen some service with you. My Cowley car is so much quiter than the later tourer, but then it is a V6 not a diesel. But it's not just that, the older ones really did have more sound proofing I'm sure.

Posted 24 Jan 2012, 20:37 #2