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Today I went and had a look at a 04 ZTT 180 SE, it needs a bit of work it has to be said but is at that point where if it's left it'll fade into a scrapyard and that just can't be allowed to happen.

Positives: a mountain of invoices from Marshalls at Cambridge and old MOT certificates, recently serviced and all the belts have been done and its pretty tidy inside. Engine runs smoothly without any leaky mayoness, goes through the gears nicely aswell. All the electrics seem to work aswell.

Considertations: it's been lowered by 2 inches, I could live with it for a while but it has to be standard for me. Needs new disks and pads all round (how it passed it's mot last month is beyond me :shock: ) It looks like its hit something and the front bumper has a crack in it and the mesh is held on with cable ties. (mentioned in the history something about rad and A/C condensor being put back in place) Also needs a new drivers side wing mirror as the glass is cracked and theres a few body work scratches that might be a bit above T-cut and polish. Oh and some healthy vis's's's probably wouldn't go a miss ( I asked about them and he shrugged and said I assume the previous owner had seen to them)

So I said I'd have a think and price up brakes, bumper etc and get back to him and make a proper offer. Anyone got any suggestions for disk and pad suppliers?

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HI Would these not fit :confused:at the end of the thread

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Yes they would have fit. Althogh he's only gone and sold it to someone else. Better get back to filing my watch list on ebay again!!

Posted 06 Nov 2011, 18:04 #3