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Does anyone know about this software and/or use it?

I'm still struggling with an issue streaming music from my laptop to a Denon Network Player. The problem was/is with using iTunes and Airplay to send the music over the network. After having tried what I thought was everything, it turned out to be a problem with my laptop and some setting with it, somewhere, as Gill's laptop works fine!

So, I've installed Hijack This and run a report, but now not sure where to go to get an analysis on it. In the past I have seen various logs on different forums, and assumed there was a forum for it somewhere, but this part I cannot find :(

If anyone knows of a site I can go to for this, or maybe even have a look at the log I have, it would be very much appreciated!

Posted 29 Mar 2014, 17:18 #1 

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My wife says type in 'malware bytes forum'. They have a multitude of info on there for ridding yourself of malware and spyware.
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Posted 29 Mar 2014, 18:40 #2 

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I use this site for analysing the report file. http://www.hijackthis.de/en

I also use Malwarebytes and have found them helpful in the past.


Posted 30 Mar 2014, 16:50 #3 

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Thanks Keith and Andrew (and sorry for delayed reply - didn't get notification although I'm sure I have this turned on!)


Already used Malwarebytes for a system sweep and fairly sure it's nothing malicious. The link to the Hijack This site looks useful - hoping it's a system element running somewhere that I can identify and disable! :)

Posted 31 Mar 2014, 15:37 #4