High End POV.HD Camera system by Mad-Monkey

I have one of these...


It's about two years old now, but only been used about twice. I bought it for climbing but I can't get on with the pack dangling form my harness with all the climbing gear. I paid £499.99 back then. I believe I also have a 16GB SD Card for it as well. Add 4AA batteries and you're good to go :) I also have the mount accessory kit. I'm not sure whats there as I have used some of them but there is still quite an assortment there as you get a few duplicates of each item. The kit was worth £50 alone.

Any good to anyone at £380?

Posted 31 May 2013, 07:14 #1 

Reduced to £350

Posted 05 Jun 2013, 14:55 #2 

Turns out these go for a lot less than I thought. £280 good to anyone?

Posted 23 Jun 2013, 18:52 #3 

Hi Mad-Monkey

Are you still selling the package?
if so, what about the condition? What about the autonomy with the 4 batteries?


Posted 29 Jul 2013, 14:38 #4 

Sorry didnt see this! My phone is naff for keeping up to date with the forums. Ive replied to your email though!

Posted 02 Aug 2013, 18:03 #5