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Wasn't sure where to put this as it's not MGR related, but hope no toes stepped on and trust admin will place in most appropriate place if necessary.

My ancient speakers, bought as replacements to very ancient 'separates', sounded like a pigeon was making a bolt for freedom from the cabinet. On investigation I found the cone of one them had gone to HiFi heaven (pic shows rear of it for reference). Although they were bought at the time of the great flood as Goodmans the speakers are Jamo (Danish?) and are 8" diam. Not that I'm tight, honest, but prefer to preserve rather than jettison at the first sign of bother. Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this bit? It's coupled to a DENON PMA255 amp, a JVCXL-V120 cd player, and a Denon deck. Any info would be greatly appreciated because Pink Floyd on only one speaker just doesn't cut it when you want to play along with Mr. Gilmour and give it some welly.


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The dge surround has left the building, so the cone edge is indeed flapping around out of control.

Can I suggest a replacement set of speakers. Some missions 780se would be a nice replacement and though they don't look much are a particularly good one. Mission speakers are variable, but I really like the 780s myself.

Because they tend to be collection only, you need to find some local to you, or a rare one that will post. An example of them here to watch:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MISSION-780-S ... 43ae8757d6

and these will deliver. Nothing to do with me I might add!

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Thanks Duncan, I'll pursue.

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The best thing to do though is to take your deck and amp to a good hifi store and audition a number of speakers to find the ones that suit you and your music best.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Thanks Paul, under consideration.

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