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Matt V6
Hi everyone

I know most people on this topic will be fairly new to the site, but,
Can someone tell me how i know a PM has been sent to another member please. I have on showing in my outbox, but when will it show in my sent items ?


Posted 31 May 2012, 18:02 #1 

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When Raistlin reads it...:D

Posted 31 May 2012, 18:09 #2 

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Very funny mr zeb :D :D

Matt, the message stays in your outbox until it has been read by the recipient. Then it goes into your sent items, that way you know it has been read, cool eh? :D
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Posted 31 May 2012, 18:44 #3 

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But Mr Raistlin has been the recipient. ;)

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Posted 31 May 2012, 21:15 #4 

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Jürgen wrote:But Mr Raistlin has been the recipient. ;)

It's the British sense of humour, Jürgen. You are not quite there yet - but you are closing the gap. ;)
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Posted 01 Jun 2012, 07:38 #5