Hi all by Carlitos

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Just signed up and thought I'd say hello!

Car - MG ZT 190+, had it for just over a year now. before that it was a Rover 75 for 3 1/2 years. I like tinkering with motors and think I'm quite good at it but I'm not mechanic. Recently fitted a new manifold after the last one started ticking (no it wasn't the vis motors)

Mod's include full stainless steel exhaust system with a MG ZS Janspeed manifold (well done to the bloke who fitted that one!), projector upgraded headlamps, custom sub box, and a few other no so important bits.

Posted 04 Jun 2010, 18:38 #1 

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Sounds a nice car...welcome along... :cheers:

Posted 04 Jun 2010, 20:07 #2